Submitting a Matching Grant Application

To apply for an ONAMI Matching Grant, the Principal Investigator must be an ONAMI Member.

Email Inquiry. If you are uncertain about whether your match request meets ONAMI guidelines, please feel free to send an initial email inquiry to ONAMI to begin the conversation about your research project. 

This email should include:

  • Summary of the research (no more than 3 sentences)
  • Budget information
  • How the ONAMI matching funds will be used (1-2 sentences)

ONAMI will normally respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

The first step is completing an application (see link below). Please be advised that an initial positive response to your email inquiry from ONAMI does not guarantee your application will be funded.

Application Deadlines. For industry-funded (from Oregon companies and industry sites only) research projects, we must receive and process your matching request before industry funding begins, but we will also be happy to work with you at the proposal stage. For SBIR/STTR subaward (from Oregon recipient companies only) matching, we can accept requests anytime prior to the start of subaward funding but would prefer to assist at the proposal stage, e.g., with letters of support or commitment of cost share as appropriate.

Steps. The Matching Grant process proceeds as follows:

  1. Principal Investigator submits formal online application to ONAMI.
  2. Applications are reviewed by the ONAMI Executive Director, who oversees any necessary revisions and makes recommendations for matching commitments to the ONAMI Operations Council.
  3. The ONAMI Executive Director and Operations Council review, approve, deny or request changes to the application.
  4. If approved, ONAMI’s commitment is given to the Principal Investigator. If requested, ONAMI provides a Letter of Support/Commitment.
  5. When you notify ONAMI that your research project has been funded, ONAMI and the university will execute the necessary contracts/statement of work (SOW) to enable the flow and tracking of funds.

Reporting. After you have received an ONAMI Matching Grant and within three months of the end of the grant period, the Principal Investigator(s) must provide:

  • A copy of the technical and financial reports made to the primary funding agency
  • A final report to ONAMI on project performance and use of funds

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