ONAMI Members

ONAMI Member Researchers are current faculty at Oregon Research Universities engaged in study and innovation in the fields of material science, nanoscience and microtechnology.  

If you are an ONAMI Member who has a promising grad student, ONAMI's Student Internship Program may be of interest. This program sponsors placement of a student or recent graduate in one of ONAMI's gap funded companies. 

Student Internships in ONAMI Portfolio Companies

Tis opportunity is available to students and fresh degree recipients from all ONAMI member research groups. For students interested in experiencing the startup work environment for 6-9 months, ONAMI will help attempt to find a match with one of our commercialization portfolio companies and will provide $25/hour funding for up to 9 months in the event a mutually agreeable match is found. This may be an attractive early career option for recent MS and PhD recipients, as well as a selling point for graduate student recruiting. Our experience so far is that these internships have been of great value to both company and student.

For additional information, please contact Skip Rung or Cindy Dahl. We are interested in hearing about students who may be interested in and available for this opportunity.