ONAMI Members

If you’re an Oregon university researcher looking for funding, ONAMI has programs that may help. Our Matching Grants provide additional research dollars for strategic collaborations, help meet matching funds requirements, and provide an extra incentive to industry sponsors. The Student Internship Program sponsors placement of a student or recent graduate in one of ONAMI's gap funded copmanies. If you have a research idea which may have commercial value, check out ONAMI’s Commercialization Funding Programs.

A collaborative network comprising more than 250 faculty, ONAMI Members conduct breakthrough research in nanoscience and microtechnologies. If you would like to know about the benefits and how to apply to become an ONAMI Member, click here

If you are already an ONAMI Member and would like to create or update your profile, you will be able to do so online soon. 

Matching Grants

ONAMI has two matching grant programs:

  1. Up to 12% matching funding for subcontracts/subawards on SBIR/STTR grants and contracts to Oregon businesses. With sufficient advance notice, we will provide letters of support/commitment prior to proposal submission.
  2. Up to 8% matching funding for research awards from Oregon companies or industry sites (e.g. Intel, HP, other multinationals). We’re eager to help you and your students build relationships with Oregon’s advanced manufacturing industry and high tech employers.

Some key points to remember:

  • Matching grants are available only to ONAMI Members. If you are currently not an ONAMI Member and would like to learn about the benefits and how to apply, click here. No matching grants are made directly to industry.
  • The use of the ONAMI Matching funds is mostly at the discretion of the Principal Investigator (PI) and need not be spent locally. For example, it may fund research-related travel to out-of-state collaborating institutions or even a foreign institution.
  • Faculty Principal Investigators (PIs) are strongly encouraged to obtain written agreement from their Vice-President of Research to request ONAMI matching funds.

ONAMI members: For more information visit See Submitting a Matching Grant Application.

Student Internships in ONAMI Portfolio Companies

This new FY16 program expands a successful pilot with the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry to students and fresh degree recipients from all ONAMI member research groups. For students interested in experiencing the startup work environment for 6-9 months, ONAMI will help attempt to find a match with one of our commercialization portfolio companies and will provide $25/hour funding for up to 9 months in the event a mutually agreeable match is found. This may be an attractive early career option for recent MS and PhD recipients, as well as a selling point for graduate student recruiting. Our experience so far is that these internships have been of great value to both company and student.

For additional information, please contact Skip Rung or Cindy Dahl. We are interested in hearing about students who may be interested in and available for this opportunity.

Commercialization Funding Programs

ONAMI has two commercialization funding options:

  1. Launch Funding (Pre-Gap)
    This early-stage funding program is for ONAMI Members who believe they have an idea that has commercial value and who intend to form a company within the next year. The maximum amount is $75,000. The purpose of Launch Funding is to help refine and/or validate the proof-of-concept and assist in optimal company formation.

    The ONAMI Member applicant should believe their completed work will be of interest to future funders such as SBIR/STTR programs, ONAMI Gap Funding, philanthropic foundations, industry partners, angel investors or investment firms. For more information on the Launch Fund program, click here

  2. Gap Funding
    The ONAMI Gap Fund is for the benefit of companies that already exist and where the commercial pathway ahead is clearly understood. The maximum amount is $250,000. The program bridges the “gap” between a breakthrough concept and the ability to obtain funding from SBIR/STTR programs, angel investors or investment firms. For more information on the Gap Fund program, click here.