the labs

In the words of Isaac Asimov, "A knotty puzzle may hold a scientist up for a century, when it may be that a colleague has the solution already and is not even aware of the puzzle that it might solve."

At ONAMI's Collaborative Research Labs, it is this kind of collaboration and puzzle-solving that spawns innovation.

Each lab has unique strengths and facilities.

  • Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute
    Oregon State University
    With 80,000 square feet of manufacturing, wet lab and office space, ATAMI has ample room to bring academic and industry partners together to research and commercialize microchannel technologies. It comprises 9 labs, fabrication and prototyping space, room for tenants working on collaborative research projects, and a wide range of advanced equipment for microfluidics research.
  • Applied Magnetics Laboratory
    Oregon State University
    AML focuses on the discovery, development and characterization of magnetic materials and devices. Researchers have access to a clean room, a microwave laboratory, a machine shop and numerous advanced and unique tools ranging from arbitrary waveform generators to systems for ion beam sputtering. The staff can help with research, consult on magnetic designs, perform measurements and analyze data too.
  • Materials Synthesis and Characterization Center
    Oregon State University
    MaSC’s collaborative research model pulls academic and industry experts together to explore challenges in all kinds of areas—everything from magnetics, nanophotonics and flexible electronics to thin-film deposition and vertical transport electronics. The lab’s comprehensive portfolio of tools allows researchers to both synthesize and characterize materials and devices for optical and electronic performance.

What these labs have in common is a collective of the brightest industry scientists and university faculty, post-docs, and graduate students—all working together to unravel a challenge and improve the quality of life for people everywhere.