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Project Title:  Expression and Characterization of Clinically Relevant Proteins Produced Using an Optimizable E. coli Expression System

Prinicipal Investigator: Larry David, Oregon Health & Science University

Company Principal: Sean McClain, AbSci, LLC

Project Description:   AbSci has developed a proprietary engineered E. coli expression system, SoluPro™ that will allow for an easily optimizable and scalable production of soluble recombinant proteins. Our game-changing core technology allows proteins (including antibodies and enzymes) to be produced at a fraction of their current cost, without any corresponding loss in performance characteristics.  In addition, use of the versatile SoluPro™ platform accelerates the R&D process by enabling rapid access to soluble protein for screening purposes.  These therapeutic proteins and antibodies are used in cancer and hormone therapies, as well as autoimmune and blood disorder therapies.

Utilizing ONAMI Gap funding and advanced analytical methods available from the Oregon Health & Science University, AbSci is working to use this novel engineered expression system to efficiently produce and perform extensive characterization of three clinically relevant proteins. Development of these three case studies, which have been explicitly requested by a global top 10 pharmaceutical company, is underway at AbSci’s facility in the OTRADI Bioscience Incubator, another Oregon Signature Research Center.  To complement the work performed by AbSci, the mass spectrometry core facilities at Oregon Health & Science University managed by Dr. Larry David, will develop techniques to perform comprehensive structural analysis on the proteins produced using AbSci's SoluPro™ platform.

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