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Project Title: Advanced Robotics Development

Prinicipal Investigator: Dr. Jonathan Hurst, Oregon State University

Company Principal: Damion Shelton, CEO, Agility Robotics Inc.

Project Description:  Agility Robotics designs and builds legged robotic platforms for a diverse set of industries, including academic and corporate R&D, telepresence, military and law enforcement, and logistics and delivery. 

Agility's flagship robot, Cassie, is one of the first commercially available bipeds that can operate both indoors and outdoors over a variety of terrains.  Building on technology licensed from Oregon State University, in this project the Agility team is working to expand the capabilities of Cassie walking untethered utilizing virtual reality technology.

At Agility, our philosophy is that mobile robots should adapt to and move through human spaces, without requiring re-engineering of existing infrastructure.

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