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Project Title: Targeted Therapies for the Treatment of Hyper-Proliferative Diseases

Prinicipal Investigator: Eric Johnson, University of Oregon

Company Principal: August Sick, Cascade Prodrug

Project Description: Cascade Prodrug, working with researchers from the University of Oregon, is working to examine the key molecular mechanisms involved in the activation and function of lead anti-cancer compounds. This proposal builds on the strengths in genomics and microtubule dynamics of the Johnson and Bowerman labs, and the project preliminary data was funded by a University of Oregon translational research grant. Results are intended to allow Cascade Prodrug to tailor the drug to diseases with an optimal genetic environment, and quantitatively demonstrate the reduced activity of the pro-drug before conversion. These data will provide Cascade Prodrug with a clear path for drug development, attracting investors who need this critical information in order to provide the capital for Cascade Prodrug to build a product development team in Oregon.

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