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Project Title: Reducing Aggregation of Bio-Nanoparticles (BNPs) for Use in Vaccines and Diagnostics 

Prinicipal Investigator: Dr. Karl F. Schilke, Oregon State University

Company: Costanoan Immunotherapies, Inc.

Project Description:

Costanoan Biotechnologies is applying its technology platform to deliver the promise of personalized medicine offering new treatment options for clinicians and their patients. Cancer is the most personal of diseases, with each patient’s disease requiring a very individual therapeutic approach to be effective. Costanoan Biotechnologies is enabling the development of effective personalized therapies via its unique bionanoparticle (BNP) technology. This new platform allows for the specific and precise tailoring of the immune response, whether it requires a B­cell, antibody response, or a T­cell, cell mediated response.

Costanoan produces engineered proteins on the surface of biocompatible biopolyester beads in a single­step, low­cost in vivo process, which overcomes the primary issues facing other particulate vaccine approaches, specifically: ease of manufacture, stability, lack of sensitization and most importantly, clinical efficacy. Working with Oregon State University, Costanoan is using ONAMI Gap funding to solve a major process challenge in the manufacture and formulation of the BNPs: characterization of purity, and prevention of aggregation in the final formulation. Field trials of a tuberculosis (TB) skin test using the BNPs has shown non­specific site reactions (granulomas), resulting from aggregation and contaminants in the BNPs, causing concerns for applying the platform to therapeutics (unpublished data).

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