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Project Title: Development of High Performance Anti-Reflective Coatings

Principal Investigator: Kenneth Williams, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Dr. Chih-hung Chang, CSD Nano, Inc.

Description: CSD Nano, Inc. is a solution deposition company focused on addressing anti-reflective coating (ARC) needs within the rapidly growing solar cell cover glass industry. CSD is actively pursuing license to intellectual property from Oregon State University for nano structured ARCs deposited via micro reactor-assisted nano material deposition (MANDtm) technology. Funds from this collaboration will be used to assist CSD, with support from Oregon State University researchers, with delivery of several coated substrates to a market leader in solar cell manufacturing, with whom CSD has developed a strategic relationship after demonstrating greatly improved anti-reflective properties in test samples. In August 2012, CSD Nano received a Phase II STTR award of $500K to optimize and demonstrate the scale-up of nanostructured anti-reflective coatings (ARCs) to meet the specifications of solar energy customers.

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