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Project Title: Manufacture and Toxicological Evaluation of Preventive Malaria Drugs based on Nanotechnology

Principal Investigator: David Peyton, Portland State University

Company Contact: Lynnor Stevenson, Ph.D., CEO, DesignMedix, Inc.

Description: DesignMedix, Inc. is a drug development company focused on overcoming drug resistance, one of the major challenges impacting human health and drug development today. The DesignMedix approach offers both a mechanism to overcome resistance, and the ability to develop an ongoing series of novel drugs. DesignMedix has designed and synthesized a library of novel candidate drugs called reverse chloroquines (or RCQ's) to combat several important infectious diseases. In the company's most advanced drug development program, lead compounds have been shown to overcome malaria drug resistance in human red blood cells in vitro, and to provide a cure in animal models. DesignMedix has partnered with Dr. Peyton to develop nanotechnology-based drug delivery methods for malaria prevention and treatment. In this project the DesignMedix / PSU team will select the nanocarriers most appropriate for preventative delivery of malaria drugs, and develop a scale-up process for the cost-effective synthesis of drug candidates in sufficient quantities for safety and oral availability testing. In September 2012, DesignMedix was awarded an SBIR grant by the National Institutes of Health for manufacture of malarial drugs related to this ONAMI Gap grant. In March 2009, DesignMedix won the Oregon Entrepreneur's Network "Angel Oregon" competition, to receive additional investment of $150,000. (See here for more details.)

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