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Project Title: Methods for the Thin-Foil Membrane Separation of Hydrogen

Principal Investigator: Brian Paul, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Peter Hall, Element One

Description: Element 1 (Bend, OR) and Dr. Brian Paul of Oregon State University and the MicroProducts Breakthrough Institute are working to develop a novel means for producing ultra-pure hydrogen gas for use in several industrial applications. This program is aimed at developing a fabrication method for applying an ultra-thin palladium-alloy foil to a supporting substrate (microscreen). The foil has high permeability to hydrogen and is useful in purifying hydrogen, and the microscreen substrate lends strength to the foil to withstand high transmembrane pressure without rupture. Previously e1 has developed a module design for palladium-alloy foils that are functional but much thicker. The module consists of a stack of thin palladium-alloy foils—each supported by a microscreen substrate—sandwiched between thick steel endplates.

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