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Project Title: Development of a microreactor based Automated Library Construction System for DNA sequencing systems

Principal Investigator: Eric Johnson, The University of Oregon and The Oregon Institute of Molecular Biology

Company Contact: Nathan Lillegard, CEO and President, Floragenex, Inc.

Description: Floragenex and the University of Oregon are partnering to revolutionize gene sequencing process with the development of an automated system for preparing DNA samples for analysis by next generation DNA sequencing systems. Utilizing microreactor technology in partnership with the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute at Oregon State University, the team is working to develop sample preparation methods which provide higher throughput, lower cost and greater repeatability than existing methods of DNA sample preparation. Since receiving this ONAMI Gap grant, Floragenex has developed into a company specializing in applications using Restriction site Associated DNA Sequencing. RAD Sequencing (RAD-Seq), a breakthrough technology enabling scientists to efficiently discover and genotype large amounts of genetic information, in any plant or animal system, at a competitive cost.

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