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Project Title: Microchannel Kidney Dialysis Demonstration

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kevin Drost, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Mr. Michael Baker, Home Dialysis Plus

Description: HD+ and Oregon State University are demonstrating fabrication and performance of a microchannel dialyzer for the multi-billion dollar market for hemodialysis. The dialyzer allows for continuous flow treatment which enables a patient to undergo treatments up to 8 hour a day, a situation which more closely simulates natural kidney function and is expected to enable use of the dialyzer for home dialysis. The system design is intended to perform favorably against current solutions with lower blood damage, reduced volume of blood outside the body at a given moment, excellent dialysis functionality, and lower cost.

Since receiving this ONAMI Gap grant, HD+ has received investment from Warburg Pincus, a leading global private equity firm focused on growth investing, and The Vertical Group, a venture capital firm that manages private partnerships with a “vertical” range of investments in the medical technology and biotechnology fields.

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