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Project Title: Lipidomics in AD subjects for skin barrier restoration and disease prevention 

Prinicipal Investigator: Dr. Arup Indra, Oregon State University

Company: Lipidomics, Inc.

Project Description:

Working with the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy under the direction of Associate Professor Arup Indra, and start-up company Lipidomics, ONAMI has provided Launch funding to develop of a simple one-step method to battle eczema / atopic dermatitis in individuals in a non-invasive way.  The objective of the current study is to identify the skin lipids that correlate to skin infections and/or contribute to barrier disruptions leading to skin inflammation and pathogenesis of AD, and to validate the identified skin lipids for their potential to mitigate bacterial skin infections.

Following isolation of the skin surface lipids, a methodology has been developed to characterize >100 skin lipids (metabolites) including (saturated and un-saturated ceramides, free fatty acids, cholesterol, cholesterol-sulfate, triglycerides, sphingosine and sphinganine) by Ultra-performance LC- MS/MS (Mass Spectroscopy) using the untargeted lipidomic approach.

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