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Project Title: Stretchable Printed Electronics

Prinicipal Investigator: 

Company Principal: Mark Ronay, CEO, Liquid Wire Inc.

Project Description:

Liquid Wire enables low resistance stretchable electronics with stable performance through a patent pending class of materials called "metal gels".  With room temperature processing and no loss of conductivity through fatigue, their high conductivity gels provide an ideal solution for wearable sensing, power and signal transmission. Through ONAMI GAP funding Liquid Wire has developed scalable roll to roll processes to print antennas, interconnects, strain gauges and capacitive sensors onto a wide variety of common stretchable substrates. From silicone rubber to polyurethanes, nearly any plastic can now be the support layer for elastic circuitry, revolutionizing electronics form factor and function.

As part of their GAP project, the Liquid Wire team is undertaking several business development tasks designed to build strategic relationships, and expand product offerings and customer relationships.

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