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Project Title: Microchannel Biodiesel Reactor Demonstration

Principal Investigator: Goran Jovanovic, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Jeffrey Canin, Mtek Energy Solutions Phone: 206-389-4904

Description: Mtek Energy Solutions and Oregon State University have designed and demonstrated a feasibility prototype biodiesel microchannel-based reactor. The three-stage, three-step prototype produces biodiesel and glycerol on a continuous basis, using virgin vegetable oil, methanol, and a liquid catalyst. Planned follow-on activities include the design and manufacture of a substantially higher throughput commercializable prototype, and initial research directed towards the development of a device employing a solid catalyst permanently deposited within the reactor The Mtek/OSU reactor design is targeted towards distributed biodiesel producers in the U.S. and in developing country markets, as well as towards equipment manufacturers serving these markets. The system is intended to compete with traditional biofuel production systems on the basis of its lower capital costs, small physical size, scalability, and favorable operating costs.

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