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Project Title: “Characterization of Self-Assembled Catalytic Nanolayers and Selective Electroless Adhesion/Barrier Layers”

University Partner: Prof. Dave Johnson, University of Oregon

Commercial Partner: Dr. Val Dubin, NANO3D SYSTEMS LLC

Description: The goal of this project is to characterize and optimize nano-particle assisted electrochemical deposition process for selective electroless adhesion/barrier layers to enable CMP-free and PVD-free fabrication of 3D through-Si via interconnects that will drastically reduce the cost of Cu metallization technology. A novel nanoactivation process based on photosensitive and self-assembled nanolayers with catalytic nanoparticles is being developed to initiate electroless metal plating on the isolation surface (SiO2). The self assembling catalytic nanolayer followed by electroless Ni (Co) adhesion/barrier layer deposition will eliminate the current issue of the poor adhesion for electrochemically deposited Cu films on SiO2 surface which limits reliability of copper interconnects. This project will attempt to accelerate the mass-scale adoption of low cost and scalable selective electrochemical metallization technology in semiconductor manufacturing.

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