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Project Title: Development of fuel injection device for heavy fuels

Principal Investigator: Todd Miller, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Joe Gibbs, Business Development Manager, NW UAV, Incorporated

Description: NWUAV and the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute (MBI) of Oregon State University are working to develop a novel fuel injector capable of atomizing heavy fuels (JP-5) for use in spark ignition engines. Using microchannel structures designed and developed at the MBI, the team will work to enable use of these fuels for unmanned aircraft engines (produced by NWUAV) and with the engines designed and manufactured by NWUAV. The NWUAV/OSU team has developed critical operating specifications for their fuel injection device, allowing it to function at temperatures and altitudes consistent with typical use cases in the field. The team believes the fuel injection device to be developed will also function well for use of heavy fuels for other applications including motor vehicles and tools, a true breakthrough in the use of heavy fuels in spark ignition engines. Click here to view an ONAMI Gap Program Video highlighting NWUAV and the MBI.

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