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Project Title:  Self-Refueling Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle

Principal Investigator: Dr. Chris Hagen, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Rita Hansen, Onboard Dynamics

Description:  With funding from ONAMI, the US Department of Energy (ARPA-E), Oregon BEST and other supporters, Onboard Dynamics, Inc. and Dr. Chris Hagen of Oregon State University are working to develop a novel on-vehicle, engine-compressor system capable of filling a 10 gallon gasoline equivalent (GGE) gge (at 250 bar) natural gas tank to 3600psi in under 60 minutes. This solution will advance the adoption of natural gas light-duty fleet vehicles in the U.S. by providing a low-cost solution for refueling. Moreover, increased use of natural gas vehicles will displace the use of imported oil and, as a cleaner burning fuel, also reduce transportation-related energy emissions.

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