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Project Title: Quantum Dot Based Materials for High Brightness LEDs

Principal Investigator: Zhiqiang (Tony) Chen, Portland State University

Company Contact: Ron Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Light Technologies

Description: Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) is a materials company focused on delivering engineered nanomaterials targeting the LED lighting market in order to enable more efficient lighting. PLT is using facilities, equipment and expertise from Portland State University to develop high-performance, low-cost lighting solutions by replacing the traditional inefficient phosphors of today with their engineered materials. The LED market is growing rapidly and the PLT product targets increases both in the efficiency and adoption rate of LEDs, allowing them to deliver higher-quality, warm light, compared to the harsh blue light from first-generation white LEDs and fluorescent lights. The efficiency of the PLT materials can reduce the number of LEDs required to produce a given amount of light, and their integrated phosphor + matrix formulation simplifies the LED packaging process. PLT will develop and produce the nanomaterials, formulate them into a matrix, and sell them to the LED module manufacturers for use in their luminaires.

In 2012, PLT closed a $3M Series-A financing round led by the Oregon Angel Fund and Portland-based venture capital firm Pivotal Investments. (Link: Pacific Light lands $3M for LED technology [Portland Business Journal, 5/4/2012].)

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