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Project Title: Laboratory Commissioning for Battery Testing Services

Company Contact: Doug Morris, Polaris Battery Labs

Principal Investigator: Erin Flynn, Portland State University

Description: Polaris Battery Labs, working with Portland State University and the Oregon Institute of Technology, is working to expedite the advance of new battery technologies and establish processing services for companies looking to bring advanced battery cells to market. The intent of this project is to perform initial trials on the core electrode, cell assembly, and testing processes. This will demonstrate that the lab has the basic equipment on board, installed, and proven to be functional with documented capabilities for Polaris' customers. The Lab addresses two major roadblocks facing battery technology companies today:

  • Startups lack the staffing, process knowledge, funding, and equipment to develop samples and optimize recipes which results in significant delays for customers and investors.
  • Commercialization of new battery technologies is capital intensive and takes a great deal of time to pass quality standards. For a company to build a new factory it takes $50M-$100M of capital and a rigorous period for safety and customer approvals that often takes years. Polaris’ partners can get companies to market fast.

Polaris provides the following critical processing services:

  • Anode and Cathode Electrode Mix and Coat Trials
  • Pouch Stack Cell Assemblies
  • Cell and Material Analytical Testing Services
  • Business Advisory Services
  • A Link to High Volume Production of Electrodes and Cells
  • Material Purchasing
  • Process and Equipment Development

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