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Project Title: SolarBag® Plus: High Performance Photocatalyst for Purifying Drinking Water

Principal Investigator: Tyler Radniecki, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Heather McKenna, Puralytics Corp.

Description: Puralytics is a water purification equipment company located in Beaverton, Oregon. Puralytics has developed a patented photochemical water purification process that harnesses light energy from LEDs or sunlight to remove contaminants. The light energy activates an advanced nanotechnology coated mesh to result in photocatalytic reactions and interacts with contaminants directly in photolysis reactions. Water is purified through these simultaneous photochemical reactions, breaking down organic compounds (such as petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals) and sterilizing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. 

Puralytics' has recently made improvements to its advanced nanotechnology coated mesh that effectively doubles the reactivity of their SolarBag product and enables it to be produced at a lower cost. Working with Oregon State University, the team is validating the new nanotechnology and demonstrating its performance enhancements to purify drinking water to meet to meet EPA Microbiological Purifier Guidelines and WHO health based performance objectives.

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