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Project Title: Soil sensor for real-time nitrate fertilizer measurement in situ

Principal Investigator: Darren W. Johnson, University of Oregon

Company Contact: Calden Carroll, SupraSensor Technologies

Description: Working with the University of Oregon, SupraSensor Technologies is developing a real-time wireless sensor capable of in situ measurement of nitrate anion concentration in soil. Agricultural non-point source pollution from nitrate fertilizers is the major contributor to ground and surface water fouling, and reducing the millions of tons of nitrate fertilizer wasted annually through runoff and over-fertilization is one of the National Academies’ “Grand Challenges” faced by the sciences in the 21st century. SupraSensor is a UO startup launched from a collaboration between the labs of Profs. Darren Johnson and Mike Haley. Its initial nitrate selective environmental interface is being developed with support from an NSF SBIR Phase I grant, and the underlying hardware development is supported by this ONAMI Gap grant.

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