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Project Title: Microwave enabled Flow Synthesis for Industrial Manufacturing of nanoparticle materials

Principal Investigator: Greg Herman, Oregon State University

Company Contact: George Williams, VoxtelNano, Inc.

Description: The VoxtelNano team led by Dr. Greg Herman of Oregon State University, in partnership with commercial partner VoxtelNano Inc., are using ONAMI Gap funding to develop a high throughput, automated, microwave-assisted continuous-flow, High-volume, Nanoparticle Engine (MACHINE). The team's development targets also include continuous product monitoring, quality feedback, and process control with low product composition size and morphology variation. This development is aimed at meeting the market's need for full-scale manufacturing of high-quality, low cost nanomaterials - a capability not currently available.

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Update:  The technology associated with this project was acquired by Shoei Electronic Materials, Inc.  Shoei is a provider of tailored nanocrystalline quantum dots (NQDs) and nanoparticles (NPs). They provide high quality, mono-disperse NQDs and NPs that are tailored to meet customers’ specifications. Using proprietary processing capability, they produce these custom materials at low cost with high batch-to-batch reproducibility.  Shoei uses facilities of the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute (ATAMI), under the leadership of Dr. Sam Angelos, the prior VP and site manager for Hewlett Packard, in Corvallis, Oregon, for continuing product and process development.  For additional information please contact Dr. Dave Schut, VP R&D for Shoei.

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