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Project Title: Development of Commercialized Process for Brominated Fluorohydrocarbons

Principal Investigator: Rich Carter, Oregon State University

Company Contact: Michael Standen, Valliscor LLC.

Description: Valliscor and Oregon State University are developing a process for the manufacturing of bromofluorinated hydrocarbons for use in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Fluorine-containing pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals provide superior chemical properties such as a longer half-lives toward metabolism and improved solubility. Existing processes for synthesizing fluorinated building blocks (such as bromofluorinated hydrocarbons) often require toxic reagents and/or generate considerable chemical waste. Our process uses environmentally friendly reagents and greatly reduces the amount of chemical waste produced. Valliscor was founded in 2012 by Rich G. Carter and Michael C. Standen to exploit the synergy between industrial know-how and academic innovation for accessing high-value organic building blocks used by the pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical industries. The ultimate objective of their work is to demonstrate the capability of producing brominated fluorohydrocarbons on a commercial scale with a least one commercialized chemical entity.

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