Aug 3rd, 2015 Onboard Dynamics to Be Featured at White House Demo DayONAMI gap fund company Onboard Dynamics, an innovator in alternative refueling technologies, will highlight its natural gas compression capabilities at the first-ever White House Demo Day on Tuesday, August 4. “U.S. policymakers increasingly are evaluating how alternative fuels can impact our country’s overall energy use,” said Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics. ... Read More >>

Jul 6th, 2015 ONAMI member researchers fabricate silverONAMI member researchers at Oregon State University report that they have invented a way to fabricate silver, opening broad applications in microelectronics, sensors, energy devices, low emissivity coatings and even transparent displays. ... Read More >>

Jun 22nd, 2015 ONAMI gap company Onboard Dynamics’ natural-gas powered vehicle moves aheadWith funding from ONAMI, the US Department of Energy (ARPA-E), Oregon BEST and other supporters, Onboard Dynamics, Inc. and Dr. Chris Hagen ... Read More >>

Jun 22nd, 2015 ONAMI Signature Faculty Fellow appointed first OSU endowed professor in Humanitarian EngineeringONAMI Signature Faculty Fellow Kendra Sharp, Oregon State University Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been named the inaugural holder of OSU’s Richard and Gretchen Evans Professor of Humanitarian Engineering Professorship. ... Read More >>

May 29th, 2015 ONAMI member researcher's brilliant new pigment is ready to go to marketA brilliant new blue pigment uncovered serendipitously in the OSU lab of ONAMI’s first Signature Researcher Fellow Mas Subramanian has been licensed and is now reaching the marketplace, where it will be used in a wide range of coatings and plastics. ... Read More >>

Apr 10th, 2015 ONAMI gap company lands $250K from Wells FargoONAMI gap fund program company Energy Storage Systems (ESS) will receive $250,000 and technical support from Wells Fargo Bank under a new Innovation Incubator program aimed at the cleantech industry. ESS is rapidly gaining a reputation in the Northwest for its work to create a battery that uses iron as its medium. ... Read More >>

Apr 3rd, 2015 Optics, nanotechnology combined to create low-cost sensor for gasesONAMI member researchers at Oregon State University have combined innovative optical technology with nanocomposite thin-films to create a new type of sensor that is inexpensive, fast, highly sensitive and able to detect and analyze a wide range of gases. ... Read More >>

Mar 17th, 2015 'Additive manufacturing' could greatly improve diabetes managementONAMI member researchers at Oregon State University have used "additive manufacturing" to dreate an improved glcose sensor for Patients with Type 1 diabetes. A key advance is use of electrohydrodynamic jet, or "e-jet" printing, to make the sensor. Conceptually, e-jet printing is a little like an ... Read More >>

Feb 11th, 2015 This town in Oregon is supposedly more ‘innovative’ than SeattleIf Corvallis, Ore., is looking for a new slogan to slap on its town sign, it might be this: “Welcome to Corvallis. More innovative than Seattle.” At least, that’s according to Nerdwallet’s list of “America’s Most Innovative Tech Hubs,” which listed the Oregon town at No. 4, ahead of Seattle at No 5. ... Read More >>

Feb 5th, 2015 ONAMI gap company selected for RAIN business acceleratorNemaMetrix, a University of Oregon spin-off that got its start as an ONAMI gap funding company, has been chosen for the RAIN business accelerator in Eugene. ... Read More >>

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