Innovation Symposium @ NORM 2017

June 25 - 27, 2017

LaSells Stewart Center
Oregon State University

NORM 2017 features an exciting 3 day innovation program (June 25-27) packed with a Lens of the Market® (LoM) workshop, networking events,
Innovation Fair as part of the Expo, talks, panels and office hours with leading innovators and funders.

Join us at NORM 2017 in Corvallis, Oregon and take strides on the path of an Innovator

You are already a great scientist. You are already doing important research. Are you ready for the next level? Do you want to gain the skills to:

  • Demonstrate how YOUR RESEARCH can make an impact beyond a publication?
  • Guide your research based on market and societal need?

You’ve been thinking that your research could be the basis for solving a lot of different problems, but you’re not sure how to focus down on what you can do to make an impact! Join us to learn how to look at your research through the Lens of the Market®.
In one short half day session you’ll gain the basic vocabulary and skills to define products and services from your research; define options for the markets they could serve and learn how to build a testable market hypothesis - a value proposition for your potential product or service and define the structure of the market segment you could serve by building its value chain.

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Questions about the Innovation Workshop? Contact Sabrina Kamran.

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