Leveraging and Partnership Opportunities in the Army Research Laboratory, Weapons and Materials Research Directorate

10:30 - 11:30 a.m., June 24, 2014
Microproducts Breakthrough Institute

1110 NE Circle Blvd (Formerly HP Building 11) (Directions)
Corvallis, OR 97330
Metolius Room
10:30 – 11:30am

Steve C. Taulbee, General Engineer
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

The U.S. Army Laboratory is engaged in an intensive, multidisciplinary program to actively investigate disruptive technologies that are potentially capable of providing game-changing enhancements in capabilities for U.S. Soldiers and the equipment they use. Many of these research efforts occur at the fundamental research level -- largely in collaboration with academia partners -- where new discoveries and new theories are made. Other, more transitional efforts -- largely in collaboration with industry partners -- are focused on applying mature technologies into developmental systems and components. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Army's research and development organizations executing these programs and of the major areas of technical endeavor being pursued at the Army Research Laboratory, with specific emphasis on the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate. Also included will be a summary of the various mechanisms of engaging with Army laboratories and centers through leveraging and partnerships. Finally, the topic of human capital investment will be discussed, including educational outreach programs (e.g., student internships), fellowships, and hiring opportunities.

My primary responsibilities have included development and execution of technical communications program to present and promote ARL technical capabilities to various internal (Army) and external audiences; efforts have most recently resulted in the establishment and reinforcement of partnerships with numerous Army and DoD research and development organizations related to lethality, survivability, and materials research; routinely provide oral presentations and technical publications related to the ARL Weapons and Materials Research Directorate programs. I have represented as a subject matter expert for the ARL Weapons and Materials Research Directorate in numerous technical presentations, laboratory tours, and technical meetings to and amongst a broad range of audiences from among the Department of Defense, Army, industry, and academia. I have also served as the primary manager for recruiting new scientists and engineers at various universities as well as a variety of educational outreach programs.

B.S. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 1981, Penn State University
B.S. Science, 1981, Penn State University

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