ONAMI Science Entrepreneur Webinar Series 1: Finding Customers - Marketing Basics


This webinar is now viewable on-demand, using the same registration URL.  Slide presentation begins at 1:51

ONAMI Marketing Consultant and Strategist Len Blackstone will lead the first ONAMI Science Entrepreneur Webinar, Finding Customers - Marketing Basics. There is no cost to participate but registration is required.

Key topics are:

  • Ideas are extremely important; and also over-rated
  • Perspective determines perception; the perception is the reality
  • Three steps to gain better customer understanding
  • Five questions you should always ask customers

Blackstone has helped grow companies for over 30 years, working with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to entrepreneurial startups. He is a master marketer whose work has gained national media attention, such as on 60 Minutes.

ONAMI Science Entrepreneur Webinar

This 4-part series, moderated by ONAMI Executive Director Skip Rung, includes finding customers, intellectual property, company formation, and locating the money to fund your company. Each online class is 45 minutes and includes opportunities to ask questions. Read about the full series.

ONAMI Marketing Consultant and Strategist Len Blackstone