Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication (CEMN)

The only ONAMI lab in the Portland metro area, CEMN provides state-of-the-art facilities for materials characterization, nanofabrication and testing services. Industry and academic researchers have access to expert staff, personalized training and a variety of advanced equipment for structural and compositional analysis.

Advanced Materials

With help from researchers at CEMN, Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) has come up with a brilliant way to use quantum dots to make LED lighting more affordable, efficient, and brighter while softer.


Thanks in part to groundbreaking work done at CEMN, Energy Storage Systems is much closer to bringing its patented battery system to market. That means clean, cost-effective and reliable energy for generations to come.


At CEMN, problem solving is all in a day’s work. Take, for example, the case of the contaminated solar materials. The staff’s investigative acumen uncovered the culprit—a faulty furnace coating—and helped their customer get back to work.