Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF)

At EMF, standards and calibration come first. That’s how the expert staff here is able to support the highest quality research on everything from solar cells to soil samples.


If you work at EMF, digging up the past is all in day’s work. When a customer brought in some ancient Native American arrowheads, EMF staff used their environmental SEM to analyze the minerals in them—ultimately helping date the 10,000 year-old artifacts.


Safe drinking water is tough to come by in the developing world. Thanks to a small water filter company and the quality assurance work done at EMF, it’s now easier to access.


What do you do if your railroad tank cars are rusting prematurely and failing while in service? You pull them off the tracks and bring steel samples to EMF. Their analysis quantified the metals and identified the failure modes that ultimately improved the safety for 300 other railcars.