Success Story

ONAMI Gap Company Element 1 Develops Fuel Cell Technology for COVID-19 Room Sanitation

Element 1 partners with BWR Innovations, US Hybrid, and Mosebach, to develop mobile hydrogen fuel cell generators to sanitize for most viruses and bacteria.

April 2020

BWR Innovations, working with Element 1, US Hybrid, and Mosebach, has developed a line of smaller, mobile hydrogen fuel cell generators (4-50kW) for flexible, discreet, indoor, or industrial use. These were initially developed for heat sanitation for bed bugs in hotel rooms, allowing for a clean portable energy cart to sanitize one room for at a time, without impacting adjoining rooms. These applications require a 50°C heat threshold for 30-60 minutes.

These same mobile units can be adjusted to create an increased heat level that will sanitize hospital rooms, reusable personal protection equipment, patient equipment, and other facilities that have been contaminated by the COVID-19 virus. We can create a 60°C room environment for a minimum of 30 minutes, which is the recommended temperature limit to sanitize for most viruses and bacteria.

As a supplemental and second level of sanitation, the BWR solution will include a simultaneous UV sanitation of the room, using ultraviolet light, powered by the same fuel cell generator. UV light pulsing is a proven sanitation method for a wide range of bacteria/viruses. Using both heat and UV is a complementary solution that increases the overall level of sanitation.

This process can sanitize a single room with the equipment/furniture in the room. Another application is to isolate a room that will be used for "ongoing" sanitation of PPE and patient equipment. This entire procedure will take 60-90 minutes and provide a thorough cleansing of the room and equipment in the room. These generators use hydrogen (sourced from a methanol/water feedstock) to create consistent electricity to provide heating, ultraviolet light, and mobile power. BWR hydrogen fuel cell generators are compact, efficient, low maintenance, quiet, clean energy.

For more information, please contact Element 1 here.