How We Find Great Companies

Finding great companies is a tough job which takes time and tons of hard work.

Like you as an investor, ONAMI is always on the look-out for great opportunities. But different than you, we work with technologies at the very earlier-stage; before they’re investor-ready.

When an invention comes to us, our first step is understanding the market and identifying potential customers. Our research includes both secondary and primary research.

We talk directly with target customers. “Does this make sense? How motivated would you be to buy it? What are the barriers to entry? How quickly would you buy?”

We explore potential business and revenue models and profit potential. What are the enduring competitive advantages?

Like entrepreneurs, our investigative journey is often flooded with optimism, at times pessimism, and yes, even cynicism can show its ugly head.

We can see what’s possible. But, get real, what’s probable? Like you, we’ve seen our share of “hockey-stick” financial projections. The one thing we know for sure? They’re wrong.

After decades of working with inventors and inventions, introducing new products, and starting new companies, we know a lot. But, there’s also a lot we don’t know. And, what worries us most is when we don’t know what we don’t know.

The benefit ONAMI delivers in helping you find great companies is you can trust that ONAMI has already done much of the heavy-lifting in reviewing in technologies.

Yes, you need to do your own due diligence. It’s your fiduciary responsibility.

But, it is also nice to have a partner in your work who shares and aligns with your goals. Welcome to ONAMI.