Growing Oregon's Economy

ONAMI’s model of mentoring and funding has been frequently cited as a national example for innovation-based economic development and regional collaboration. ONAMI’s measures of success tell the story:

ONAMI’s measures of success tell the story:

Oregon Advantages

Oregon has a history of attracting risk takers: brave souls looking to blaze their own trails. This pioneering spirit set the stage for a cluster of high-tech companies that took up residence in the state in the 1940s, planting the seeds for future innovators.

By the 1990s, Oregon became home to the world’s most advanced small-tech, industrial research and development sites—earning the area the apt nickname, the Silicon Forest.

ONAMI was a logical next step. With the groundwork already laid in nanoscience and microtechnologies, the organization has been able to capitalize on the state’s other rich resources too: an affordable business climate, deep talent pools at regional universities, collaborative communities and a pervasive, pioneering spirit. 

Today, brilliant researchers, leading technology firms, innovative startup companies and investors are making Oregon their home—building out the state’s impressive resume: 

  • Two Nobel science laureates—Linus Pauling and Carl Wieman—with three prizes between them
  • The world’s leading semiconductor R&D and manufacturing facility: Intel Corporation, Hillsboro
  • The world’s best-selling consumer and business inkjet printing technologies: Hewlett-Packard Co, Corvallis; Xerox Corporation, Wilsonville
  • The world’s first sub-angstrom electron microscope development: FEI Company (now Thermo Fisher Scientific), Hillsboro
  • The world’s leading selection of particles-based products (quantum dots, microspheres) for life sciences and other applications: Thermo Fisher, Eugene
  • The world’s most advanced laser micromachining equipment and solutions: ESI, Portland
  • The 2012 SSTI Best in Technology-Based Economic Development award winner for Commercializing Research: ONAMI