Working with Universities

The discoveries made at Oregon’s research universities are integral to what ONAMI does.

If you’re an academic researcher, we can help you navigate the path ahead—to see your invention in the market where it can change lives. If you’re an investor, you can have confidence that ONAMI’s team has decades of experience in licensing patents and negotiating agreements.

Technology licensing negotiations are an important and often daunting prospect for inventors. Understanding university needs and objectives in advance, doing the homework on your business opportunity and thinking ahead to future financings and company transactions will help you set accurate expectations and reach agreement more easily.

ONAMI has put together a great Webinar that places a focus on:

  • University objectives and constraints
  • Applying for a license—process and preparation for entrepreneurs
  • Executing on a license—terms and diligence
  • Downstream and end-game issues: investors, acquisitions, etc.

The webinar is a panel discussion with four Oregon University Technology Transfer experts: Andrew Watson of Oregon Health and Science University, Brian Wall of Oregon State University, Joe Janda of Portland State University, and Chuck Williams of the University of Oregon.

You can find this and other ONAMI webinars here.