You may be asking some of these questions. If so, you'll find the answers here. If you don't see your questions, contact us. We're here to help.

Do you have to be a university spinout or licensee to be part of the ONAMI portfolio?

No, though many are because of the vast research and facility resources at the universities.

Does a company have to be entirely based in Oregon?

No, but we expect the headquarters and majority of operations, especially R&D, to be in Oregon.

Do you fund software companies?

We can, and some companies have a significant software component. The key is being science-based, which means having strong and enforceable intellectual property.

Can ONAMI make an introduction to a portfolio company for me?

Absolutely! Just contact us and tell us about your interest in the company and we'll make an introduction to the most appropriate company representative.

I am associated with an early-stage venture capital firm and plan to visit the Portland area soon. Can ONAMI help arrange visits with its portfolio companies?

We'd be delighted to help arrange time with our portfolio companies. We can, and have on many occasions, even arranged a single location for you to meet with several companies, and schedule time for them to present an overview to you. Any questions? Contact us.