Phosio Raises $200K Investment at Pitch Oregon

Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

ONAMI portfolio company raises $200K

Phosio Corporation of Corvallis
Phosio is an OSU spinout based at ATAMI

Phosio Corp., a Corvallis-based materials science company and ONAMI portfolio company developing optical coatings for use in augmented reality hardware, Lidar sensors and LEDs, landed $100,000 at the Pitch Oregon competition in Portland on February 9. It received an additional $100,000 investment from the Elevate Capital Innovation Gap Fund II. Phosio's first outside investment came from ONAMI in October 2022.

Phosio is enabling the cutting edge of optics and electronics by producing transparent high index of refraction materials for thin film nano-imprinting and more. Our innovative manufacturing process grants us the ability to make thinner more efficient optical components for a wide range of engineering applications including Augmented Reality, Lidar, and LED.

Phosio’s core competence is in developing chemicals and processes for low temperature manufacturing of high refractive index optical coatings that are UV curable, transparent, and robust.

Read the coverage of Phosio and the other Pitch Oregon winners in the Portland Business Journal.

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