Agility Robotics raises $150M Series B

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

DCVC, Playground Global, Amazon invest in Oregon-based robotics technology leader

The Future of Robotics is in Oregon
The Future of Robotics is in Oregon

ONAMI portfolio company Agility Robotics has just taken another giant step for robotics!

CORVALLIS, OR – April 22, 2022 -- Agility Robotics, a creator and manufacturer of robots designed to work alongside people in logistics and warehouse environments, today announced that it has raised $150 million led by DCVC and Playground Global. The Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund also joined as an investor to help spur innovation in the logistics industry. Agility’s robots provide unique value to businesses by augmenting the human workforce’s productivity, efficiency, and wellness. This capital raise will accelerate Agility’s R&D and scale its robot production.

“Unprecedented consumer and corporate demand have created an extraordinary need for robots to support people in the workplace,” said Damion Shelton, CEO of Agility Robotics. “With this investment, Agility can ramp up the delivery of robots to fill roles where there’s an unmet need.”

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