Polaris Battery Labs Partners with DuPont and Steinerfilm

Monday, April 11th, 2022

Improved energy density, reduced material consumption

ONAMI Portfolio Company Polaris Battery Labs, DuPont Electronics and Industrial, and Steinerfilm and have combined their capabilities to build batteries that have 26% higher energy density and use 80% less copper and aluminum than comparable batteries made with traditional materials. 

The improved energy density will increase the range of electric vehicles, make electric aviation more feasible and improve portable electronics. 

More significantly, as electric vehicles grow more prevalent, this technology can reduce the dependence on scarce metals such as copper and aluminum that are needed for the other parts of the electric vehicles.  With copper consumption in electric vehicles predicted to increase to 4 million tons annually by 2040, this could save millions of tons of copper.   

All three are members of the Soteria Battery Innovation Group consortium, which promotes industry collaboration for advanced battery and safety technology.

In addition to basic cell building services, Polaris experts offers technical expertise and marketing savvy based on decades of experience in the battery industry, assisting in everything from the basics of cell design and testing to the complex supply relationships in the battery industry. 

Company website: PolarisBatteryLabs.com

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