ESS Announces Grid-Scale Storage Solution

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

ESS Inc Energy Center offers 3MW+ for 6-16 hours

ESS Inc. FeCl2 flow battery
ESS Inc. 500 kWH, 75kW "all iron" battery

ESS Inc, the Wilsonville, OR-headquartered manufacturer of a flow battery using iron and saltwater electrolytes, has launched a new range of energy storage systems starting at 3MW power capacity and promising 6-16 hours discharge duration.

The company announced the launch of the ESS Inc Energy Center last week, a containerised utility-scale energy storage product aimed at serving front-of-the-meter use cases as well as larger commercial and industrial (C&I) site applications. Based on ESS Inc’s second generation of flow battery modules, the solution is designed to support large-scale renewable energy projects, serve transmission and distribution (T&D) applications and supply peaking energy capacity to replace peaker gas plants.

See the full article from Energy Storage News here

ESS developed its groundbreaking "all iron" flow battery technology with support from ARPA-E and ONAMI.  The ESS technology combines lowest cost long-duration storage with leading edge cycle life and minimal enviromental footprint from material extraction and eventual recyling. It attracted a major investment from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, foudned by Bill Gates, because it represents a best-in-class technology for long-term decarbonization of the electric power industry,

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