ONAMI funded company Agility Robotics releases Digit

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

New platform supports diverse applications, including last mile logistics

Agility Robotics CTO, Jonathan Hurst, PhD at the release party for Digit

Agility Robotics today unveiled a new bipedal robot named Digit, which adds an upper torso, arms, sensors, and additional computing power to the successful Cassie robot design. Digit’s four degree-of-freedom (4-DOF) arms greatly extend both the mobility and utility of Digit, as compared to Cassie. “For us,” said Dr. Jonathan Hurst, CTO and co-founder of Agility, “arms are simultaneously a tool for moving through the world - think getting up after a fall, waving your arms for balance, or pushing open a door - while also being useful for manipulating or carrying objects.” These new capabilities are important when moving through complex, human-oriented environments, for tasks such as curb-to-doorstep delivery.

Read more about Digit here.

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