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Meet Agility Robotics.

The company was added to ONAMI's portfolio in 2017 when ONAMI provided funding for further product development.

In 2015, it was founded for the specific purpose of commercializing bipedal leg technology emerging from Jonathan Hurst’s laboratory at Oregon State University. The company designs and builds walking and running robots for advanced mobility in human environments.In 2018, Agility raised $8 million in a Series A funding to accelerate product, technology and business development.

Agility Robotics is solving the mobility problem. Robotic legged locomotion will enable a major transformation of our world, with applications in logistics and package delivery for fast and inexpensive 24/7 service, in-home robots for telepresence and assistance and real-time data collection and mapping of human and natural environments.

Walking robots will one day be a common sight, much like the automobile, and with similar impact on our society. Agility Robotics will be a leader in this transformative change.

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