Oregon Science Startup Pre-Seed/Seed-Stage Investment Programs

Our 2024-2025 investment programs—ONAMI's Center of Innovation Excellence Collaborative Fund and the US Treasury SSBCI-supported Oregon ToughTech Breakthrough Fund—anticipate making 10 to 15  pre-seed and seed stage equity investments, typically as SAFEs, convertible notes or restricted stock purchases.
Our focus is on Oregon science-based startups with high growth potential, i.e., in value, revenue and Oregon employment. We seek companies commercializing deep technology innovations relevant to Business Oregon's set of Target Industries, and, in our case, especially, electronic and optical materials and components, biomedical technologies and devices and other industrial sectors. (See ONAMI's current portfolio.)
Investment eligibility requires that a company be domiciled in Oregon with 51% or more of its employees living in Oregon. Preference will be given to C-Corps less than five years old solving critical/high value technical problems in large markets with a unique competitive advantage, defendable IP and an investable management team or clear path to building one.
The process consists of up to four stages:

  1. Initial email and possibly brief phone consultation with ONAMI Fund Manager Dr. Jay M. Lindquist and ONAMI President and Executive Director Robert D. "Skip" Rung to determine mutual interest and fit with one or both funds. At the very least, we intend that you will receive some worthwhile advice and networking introductions at this stage.
  2. Submission of basic non-confidential materials, such as your pitch deck or equivalent, and more detailed online or in-person meeting to see if more extensive diligence is warranted. If so, we will request access to your data room and assign one of our highly experienced (in science/technology, startup leadership and investment) Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) to work with you.
  3. Detailed diligence into the technology, market, competitive landscape and team. You will have the opportunity to pitch not just to us, but to up to five other Oregon-based investment fund collaborating partners. While ONAMI will negotiate and make our own investment decisions, we expect the process to be improved through the use of an extended collaborative diligence team and also to be more efficient for your fundraising efforts.
  4. If we decide to invest and terms are agreed to, including quarterly reporting responsibilities, we will complete the investment, and ONAMI leadership and EIRs will provide consulting and networking support, such as access to other investors, incubators/support programs, customers, management and technical talent.

If ONAMI's investment fund program sounds like a fit for your company, we're eager to hear from you. The process begins when you email Jay Lindquist and Skip Rung at Investment@onami.us.

We look forward to helping you build another successful Oregon technology company!

These investment and support programs are funded in part by the Oregon State Lottery and the US Treasury SSBCI Program, both administered by the Oregon Business Development Department (Business Oregon).