You Bring the Science. We Bring the Business.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to move an invention forward, you just might be at the right place. ONAMI works with researchers, product developers and university technology transfer agents to move an invention from the lab into the marketplace. Our focus is on science-based inventions. And, we partner with those from multiple fields. Some examples include:

  • Advanced materials, semiconductors, chemical processes
  • Life science, medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and digital health
  • Energy generation and storage
  • Robotics, sensors and optics

ONAMI can provide the business guidance to move your invention forward. We can also help you find the fuel – the money – to further refine and validate your work. If these are what you need and are looking for, we just might be a fit.

Here is what we’re looking for.

  • Inventors whose work will disrupt an existing market or create a new market.
  • Discoveries that have defensible intellectual property.
  • Passionate people, inspired inventors, diligent dreamers and reliable researchers.

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