How We Work

The steps ahead are very straightforward. There’s no secret plan or pathway. Instead, it’s simple; but not necessarily easy. Rather, it’s actually hard work for all of us. But, in the end, it’s worth it.

1. Let’s get acquainted

Relationships are core to any business endeavor. And these relationships begin with a conversation, person-to-person. Naturally, you want to know about us; our experience, knowledge, skills, talents, attitudes and values. And, of course, we want to know the same about you. And, a little about your technology. So, the first step is to simply get acquainted.

2. Define the market

If both you and us like what we see, we’ll conduct market research to understand the market opportunities. You may have the best buggy whip in the world. But if no one is buying buggy whips anymore, who cares. We will have key questions, such as,

  • What market does your invention fit in? 
  • How large is it? 
  • Is the market growing, shrinking or stagnant? 
  • Who are your potential customers? 
  • How many are there? 

Most people will buy a new product for only two reasons: pain or pleasure. So, other crucial questions are:

  • What is the customer’s pain that your invention will relieve? OR
  • What pleasure or enrichment to their lives will it achieve?

We must find the answers to these questions to determine if there’s future potential.

3. Create a business plan

If we don’t know where we’re going, then how will we know when we’re off-track or when we’ve arrived? We need a map for the road ahead and an understanding of the destination. Based on what we know from Step 2 Define the Market, ONAMI will begin drafting a business plan that articulates the business goals and objectives, specific milestones to achieve, strategies and tactics to move the business forward, target markets, needed financial and human resources, budgets, timeline and accountabilities.

Seasoned entrepreneurs expect major pivots in any startup. They know that any plan is fluid and should be written in pencil. Regardless, we still need a plan.

4. Start the company

Amateurs often start their company far too early. ONAMI’s approach is to walk down the road a distance before actually starting the company. Why? Because we want to get it right. Do we have right people on the team? What are the equity agreements for the founders and key personnel? Have the patent licensing agreements been finalized? What does the capitalization table look like?

Together with you, we’ll start the company guided by win-win commitments and convictions.

5. Raise the capital

ONAMI's FY24-25 program includes the possibility of investment funding. Find out if you are a good fit

We know that money is oxygen. Without it, there is sure death. Money is also fuel to advance your invention from the lab into the market. There are many resources—from grants to equity investors. We’ll help guide and work with you to find the funding necessary to move your invention forward.

Any questions? 

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