Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a professor at an Oregon university with commercialization ideas for my technology. Should I work with ONAMI, or my technology transfer office?

A close relationship with your university technology transfer office is critical for any effort to commercialize technology developed with university resources. Your tech transfer office will help determine whether a technology is likely to be patentable, and if so what licensing opportunities may exist. Keep in mind that university-owned technology will require a license agreement or option-to-license agreement with the university. Separate from university IP and licensing, ONAMI can be a partner in market assessment, company formation and related efforts associated with technology commercialization.

I think I have a great idea to commercialize my technology. Can ONAMI help me understand whether there is a real market for it?

Absolutely, in fact we require an in-depth understanding of potential markets as part of our assessment process, which is typically led by our team of commercialization mentors and advisors.

I am interested in commercializing my idea and starting a company, but I don't want to run it or become a business person instead of a scientist.

That's our sweet spot. Let's talk.